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I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely seas and sky, and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; and the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking, and a grey mist on the sea's face, and a grey dawn breaking.





Ahoy there assorted adventurers!! We're getting close to the start DnDainties~ Maybe another two weeks, maybe a little less. I'm pluggin away at getting this thing all set up but it's slow going with work oops. Either way, this is gonna be the official update journal for DnDainties from here forth! I'll use it to post NPC stuff/general info/anything I might end up looking for as I get closer to finishing this up. I'll also probably be picking out who's in the first play group by the end of next week so ya'll can get your character sheets ready!! It'll be a group of five most likely, since that seems like the most I can probably handle right now. 

The full campaign is more or less decided on, although I haven't really fleshed out much of the later stuff, seeing as sessions can be really unpredictable and i wanna leave enough wiggle room for you guys to influence the world. I have, however, worked out the details for the first starting area, and I look forward to having you guys explore it!! 

I'm also working on setting up a full group for DnDainties for those who aren't picked for the full campaign, can't do frequent sessions, or just want to participate in a more casual rp experience. For that I'm gonna need a few things:

-a group icon
-a journal skin
-maybe a box background?? i might make the group super

If you think you can make any of those things, drop your info below and I'll get back to you once I'm a little closer to the finish line~

I'm also looking for suggestions for homebrew classes!! I dunno how much interest there is in that sort of thing, or if there's even any ideas, but if you've got a class you want to see in game that isn't standard lemme know and I'll put it down for consideration. Bonus points if you already have some info down for it in terms of skills/stats/etc. Extra Super Bonus Points if it's somehow dainty related.

Ideas so far:

Also: If you picked mage/wizard/healer as your class idea, I urge you to think of a backup class. There are so so many people who want to play as those classes, and as much as I'd love to let everyone play their first pick I think it'd be safest to have a backup planned just in case. Not only will having a majority-magic party make this campaign difficult, but it'll also make some of the action a little stale I feel like. I hate railroading, and I wanna leave as much of this up to the players as possible, but i think it'd make things easier/more fun for everyone if there was a little variety.

I would also recommend for those who are interested to pick a dainty you know you won't trade. I know things happen, dream designs pop up, but if you want to participate in a long-form game you need to be sure you're sticking with a character the whole time. There'll be consequences if you decide to trade your character halfway through, assuming you want to continue to play, so please please for the sake of your party and your poor DM, think hard when you pick your character.

This journal is a little disorganized right now, but it's still legible so I call that a plus. I'll add things here as I think of them/finish them, so check back every now and again!!

As far as my personal to do list goes, I have the following left to do:
-rough maps
-pantheon info
-brief campaign document
-clean up "race" info

Nonessential but still possible:
-npc sketches
-personalized character sheet (if you think you can format something like that, hmu)

Created at

i'm thinking of making a full dndainties group, so that people that can't play frequent campaigns or just want a more casual rp experience can still participate in some way. 

3 deviants said there are so many people interested and i'm still like. trying to work out groups/schedules
1 deviant said it'd be super casual
1 deviant said but i could def add on an arpg element or something idk
No deviants said so this would be an easy way to get everyone involved
No deviants said i'm probably gonna make a group for this either way, just to keep character sheets/art/info/etc all together


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